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What is Karma? Can it Be Resolved?

What is Karma? According to the occult and metaphysical definition, karma means “cause and effect”, in particular those, which are built by our thoughts and actions. In other words, we create our own lives. This means that we have been, are and always will be totally responsible for everything that happens in our lives.What is Karma?

What is Karma then?

To understand ‘what is karma‘ and think that “something has happened to us,  we have to be clear that we, ourselves have done so much that it happened. Moreover, even it seems as if something accidentally happens to us, we  consciously or unconsciously have decided to apply it to our lives that way. Usually this choice is unconscious. Most people view the question on ‘What is Karma‘ as an action of some external force – God, circumstances, luck, chance, etc. Such a  view prevents the realization of the fact that we ourselves have chosen this point of reality, although unconsciously. Such a view on ‘What is karma’  prevents us to realize that things could be otherwise.

If we ourselves have chosen a particular route, under which we live, we can just as easily change this view. However, most times, our choices are unconscious. Often, we can not believe that people have decided to be born and to live a particular life. In this case, a new view on these circumstances  indicates a shift of perception.

So what is karma in terms  of accidents and coincidences? Simply it does not happen this way. People do not come into our lives by accident. We attract them either directly (“Let’s have lunch together,” “Let’s not lose sight of each other,” “Marry me”), or indirectly by creating conditions that stimulate and nourish the relationship familiar to us, folding we have with other people. But, of course, people who meet us in life, too, have their own karma, and if people decide to leave us, we cannot stop them, and if they decide to stay, we thus make a contribution to the interaction of karma. If the karma between two people “intertwined”, their relationship are quickly formed. Especially in partnership dramas. (>>>Click here to see how to resolve it!)

What is karma in terms of coincidence? Some events may seem random, but upon closer examination we find that they themselves have prepared the ground for them. We either create on our own every case, or attract it, or participate in its preparation. Matches, too, are never accidental. As Jung says, they are “significant” (i.e., every coincidence is a deeper meaning.)

Karma is accumulative in nature, in the sense that the causes and effects accumulate and act collectively. You already have a lot of karma, and this determines the choice available to you. Of course, when you work with karma consciously, you can simply go beyond the most affordable options. In order to overcome and transform the karma in a large scale, it is necessary to understand what karma is in the concept of reincarnation.

Many proverbs are just gems of ‘what is karma‘ wisdom: “As you sow, so shall you reap,” “Do not spit into the well – useful,” “Who’s to us with the sword come, and will perish by the sword”, etc.

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Karma does not mean passivity. Following the philosophy of what is karma, we should recognize that: “I myself have created everything in my life. I was involved in something, something chosen, something attracted, retained something.” Since the activity involves what Karma is, we must continue to acknowledge: “His choice, participation, creation, I can immediately change anything in my life, my karma.” In other words, you have the ability to create a new life in their cause and to get new results.

If you do not realize is that you subconsciously create everything in your life, your point of reality – this is another reason. A consequence of this case lies in the fact that it seems as if the events occur independently of you, so that they blame others for the cause. So the final answer toWHAT IS KARMA is also a process of deeper understanding of who you are.

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