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Are There Perfect Weight Loss Solutions With NO Diet?

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Have You Ever Thought About Weight Loss Solutions without dieting and continuous yo-yo effects which happen as a result? The only way I know is to change your approach rapidly and reflect a minute on how weight gain occurs. Sure, eating too much and genetics are factors which influence your weight, but from the point of energy configurations and you as a BEING with several energy layers there must be more factors. Weight Loss Solutions

What Are The Best Weight Loss Solutions In Terms Of  Holistic Approach?

As mentioned above the only weight loss solutions must consider several layers of Your-Self.

So, there is your physical body, your emotional and mental body to start with the fundamentals.

The basic concept I agree on is to raise your vibration.

Some ways that I keep my vibration up and stay on the healthy track are:

1. Think Positive and apply the  The Power of Positive Thinking. Try to keep your thoughts focused on the positive, rather than the negative.

2. Exercise. When I exercise, either do biking  or strength training, I invariably have a more positive frame of mind once I am done. I feel a sense of accomplishment, but what had a greater effect are the endorphins that are released into my system by exercising. I don’t always want to do it, but once I do, I feel great afterwards.

3. Make the test set up by John.  I own his program and apply it daily. Some of my favorites are the Reprogramming sessions.

4. Listen to Spiritual Radio online, especially the Hayhouse Radio.  There is large amount of programming available in the Hay House Radio archives if I don’t like what they are playing live at any time, and I like how they list their selections by show. I can go directly to a show and listen to all of the archived shows.

5. Eat Clean! When I am eating clean, i.e.: food that doesn’t contain sugar, additives, it’s not processed (or very minimally processed, like regular oatmeal), and it’s definitely not fast food, then my vibration is higher than ever. When I’m eating clean, my thoughts are clearer and focused, and my physical energy is high. When I’m feeling great physically, it’s much easier to keep my thoughts and my vibration high.

Listen to this great Weight Loss Solutions Approach From Abraham Hicks:

As you realize already the perfect and only lasting weight loss solutions are relating to your personal vibration. This is why I recommend to take a closer look to John’s program as he perfectly crafted all factors together into his Fat Release Formula. I tested it and it works. For all Reiki practitioner,  you should apply violet flame clearing, which works very effective even for people who are not so much related to Reiki or energy work. Click here and see it for yourself. 

In summary the only weight loss solution you will find is based on the holistic approach of changing your energy configuration while removing negative pattern and personal blockages.  See the results by yourself – click below:

 Click here to make the test & watch how people lost weight with his program!

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