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Survival Equipment For 2012

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What for might you need Survival Equipment? Everybody who is interested in the New Age knows the 2012 approach and the Mayan Calendar. With this date and scenario comes the question for survival as  possible scenarios around earth catastrophes like pole shifts, earth quakes and solar storms.

Survival Equipment for 2012?

The whole survival movement and along the  survival equipment is growing like wild fire in Europe, especially in US.

Growing fears, conflicts, books like the Bible and all other religious systems, besides the Mayan Calendar of course, expect a big BANG coming sooner, if not at the end of 2012.

Therefore many people including the ones with a negative view on the transitions to the New Age are preparing survival equipment to be ready for DAY X.

So what Survival Equipment Do You Need And How Will You Prepare?

Here is your Check List:


    List of Top 10 Frugally Sustainable Survival Items
    Get out! Get out!
    Water Sources
    Medical Skills – The Patriot Nurse Channel

Disaster Preparedness

    How To Survive Hard Times
    How to prepare for an emergency
    Before the Power Fails

Surviving Medical Emergencies

    Where There Is No Doctor
    Where There Is No Dentist
    Where Women Have No Doctor

Food/Water Storage

    Getting organized
    Using your food storage to reduce grocery costs
    What foods to store when children are considered
    Water Water Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink
    Storage Solutions for Small Spaces
    Have you thought about seeds?
    Meals in Jars
    A 3 Day Emergency Meal Plan

Laying the Groundwork for Living Off-Grid

    How To Make Money Living Off-Grid
    7 Tips on Reducing Corporate Influence In Our Lives
    The Best Place to Live
    10 Ways To Live In Contentment and Have Enough
    How Much Will It Cost to Live Off of the Land
    How To Find and Purchase Affordable Land

Get the complete information and detailed check list here:

Here are again the most important Survival Resources:

The Survivalist Blog
The Survival Mom
Preppers Blog
Urban Survivalist

Watch my video on Survival 2012 Below:


So why is survival equipment so important for many? The answers is clearly related to the fears which come with the inability to react to natural catastrophes. I have seen a movie about it, where men answered to help protect their family in times of disaster rather then themselves. Well, preparing survival equipment really makes sense if you view it this way. Why many don’t? This is depending on peoples personal comfort zone, the non-willingness to deal with disaster and the not-me attitude. How will you deal with it? Are you going now to prepare survival equipment? The choice is yours!     

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