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The Secrets To Spiritual Health

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Throughout my research on the subject of spiritual health and spiritual healers, there has always been a common theme. Regardless of the healing technique they use, authentic spiritual healers are innately aware of a divine glow which lies within every human being. Spiritual healers have the capability of peering further than the rough exterior of a human body to zone their attention on healing the distinct and unmarred being inside each patient in order to optimize their spiritual health.

Spiritual Health

What is Spiritual Health?

Dr. Phineas Quimby, a 19th century philosopher, had an interesting philosophy quite relevant to spiritual health. Quimby believed that healing is the realization that the inner self was created and nurtured to the likeness of Wisdom for health and freedom, spiritual living and spiritual progression.

Energy healers focus on re-connecting their patients with their original nature to obtain a higher degree of spiritual health. In a spiritual Japanese healing practice known as Reiki, practitioners place an emphasis on man’s natural connection in conjunction with his faith to open up to derive the rewards of absorbing the natural wave of life. Melissa Steiner, a long-time energy healer describes Reiki as a human energy force field, a demonstration of the omnipresent energy that is intricately aligned with human life.

How do healers restore spiritual health?

Healers help patients to zero in outside of the physical being which in turn often assists them in healing their bodies. According to James Franconi, a university history professor with extensive knowledge in the field of spiritual health, “undoing our current view of reality and understanding how that view forms our experience is the foundation of Toltec wisdom.”

Mary Eisen, an ardent advocate of spiritual health, recalls the moment of her spiritual awakening. Mary describes her experience as one where she felt uneasy and prepared to face death.

“I truly felt as if did not want to continue living on this Earth.”

This indicated there were two voices troubling her. Mary theorized whether one of them was more than a figment of her imagination. Mary had an epiphany and a short time later bore witness to an echo which urged her to, “resist nothing.” That was Mary’s call to action which she eventually followed through with in order to optimize her spiritual health.

Watch these great insides below from Deepak Chopra on Spiritual Health:

In the world of spiritual health, the Spiritual Coding Method is a unique, simple, powerful, easy-to-apply systematic approach which enables individuals to tap into their natural ability thus allowing them to relieve themselves from any painful or unwanted feelings, beliefs, or pattern in any given moment.


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