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What Are Spiritual Awakening Symptoms?

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Spiritual Awakening Symptoms are well known by most spiritual travelers who are familiar with spiritual development and the possible crisis which might arise. 

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

So what are Spiritual Awakening Symptoms?

Before we go into spiritual awakening symptoms, we first have to explore what ascension means:

Ascension is the term given to the spiritual awakening process and raising of soul vibration that leads to a state of higher consciousness. There is much talk of ascension right now because of the planetary changes and global shift in consciousness anticipated in 2012.

“Ascension symptoms” is the term given to physical and emotional manifestations, situations and experiences that arise as part of the ascension process. These are actually symptoms of the process on the way to ascension, rather than symptoms of ascension itself. Those are different entirely and are covered in the section “Ascension Signs” further down this page.

Here are 11 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms:

Ascension Symptoms

11 Physical Symptoms of Ascension

  • 1 A Change in Sleeping Patterns
    This can include:
    * Waking up at certain times of the night
    * Restlessness, hot feet or flushes
    * Needing less or more sleep than usual
    * Sleep disturbances
    * Feeling tired despite getting enough sleep
  • 2 Intense Activity at the Crown of the Head
    This is usually in the form of strange sensations along the scalp (and sometimes down the spine as well) – a feeling of tingling, crawling, itching, prickling and similar sensations. This activity can also include the sensation of intense energy vibration on the top of the head, almost like something is going to burst from your head in energy-form. This can be quite disturbing but is actually the opening of the crown chakra.
    IMPORTANT: I have experienced this sensation and it is quite scary if you don’t know what it is – early on I actually went to the doctor because I was worried there was something wrong (as is the first instinct when something feels weird with your head!). I also had dizziness, which I later found out is another symptom of this process. But never assume that something unusual is an ascension symptom. If you are worried, DO get checked out just in case. If nothing else you will get peace of mind.
  • 3 Experiencing Changes in the Senses
    This can include:
    * Changes to sight and experiencing new ways of seeing, such as blurred vision, seeing auras, flashes in the corner of the eye, seeing particles or shining objects, seeing white shapes out of the corner of the eye (guides),
    Also, when the eyes are closed, you may see geometric shapes and brilliant colours or vivid spiritual images. You may also see red instead of black/dark.
    * Changes to hearing and adjustment to new frequencies, such as an increase or decrease in hearing ability, auditory fuzziness (where you can’t always make out what people are saying, sometimes dubbed “audio dyslexia”), hearing white noise, suddenly receiving a brief, high pitched tone in one ear (usually the left, sometimes the right – this is known as downloading a spiritual transmission from guides, angels, Source etc), hearing voices in your dreams
    * Changes in taste, touch and smell, such as sensitivity enhancement of these senses, smelling the fragrance of flowers when they are not there, detecting the chemical additives in food and other products through smell and taste
  • 4 Sensitivity and Skin Reactions
    The sloughing off of toxins may cause increased skin eruptions, such as acne/spots, hives, shingles, bumps and other rashes.
  • 5 Looking Younger and Feeling Greater Vitality
    As emotional traumas, belief limitations, fears, blockages and other issues are cleared, this can leave you looking and feeling more youthful and energised. Literally a new lightness of being.
  • 6 Physical Manifestations and Ailments
    During the process of clearing blockages, fears and so on, physical manifestations may occur as the body cleanses itself and adjusts to the higher frequency of vibration you are achieving. Such manifestations can include:
    * Aches and pains, often in the back and neck, as well as headaches. There may also be flu-like symptoms
    * Joint numbness or pain, sudden spasms or involuntary movements, muscular spasms
    * Digestive issues, cramping
    * Chest pains
    * Changes in sexual desire
    * Previous conditions, often from childhood, may surface for final healing
    IMPORTANT! As previously mentioned, if you are concerned with anything, seek medical advice. If all is well, and the ailment is due to ascension, know that it is only temporary and for your greater healing.
  • 7 Dizziness
    Spells of dizziness are caused by your body adjusting to a higher vibrational frequency, or when you are ungrounded.
    A great way to ground yourself is by placing your bare feet on earth, grass or large, flat stones. Crystals can also help.
  • 8 Heart Palpitations
    A momentary experience of a racing heart or palpitations can be a sign of the heart opening, via the heart chakra. The heart is coming back into balance after an emotional release.
    IMPORTANT! As previously mentioned, if you are concerned, seek medical advice. If all is well, and the ailment is due to ascension, know that it is only temporary and for your greater healing.
  • 9 A Change in Eating Habits
    This can include:
    * Increased or decreased appetite
    * Unusual cravings or choices in food
    * Sudden onset of food allergies or intolerance
    * A desire to eat healthy, high vibrational food
    Go with your instinct and provide your body with what it needs. Preparing homemade food is best, and blessing it also helps to raise its vibration. I don’t believe that you have to eat vegetarian or vegan, but I do believe in eating high vibrational food, which means choosing high quality, organic food and local produce.
  • 10 Changing or Beginning Exercise Routines that Support Body, Mind and Spirit
    Any desire to exercise and lose weight or get healthier will be coupled with a desire to not only take care of the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Yoga, Tai Chi and other practices will help achieve the body-soul balance.
  • 11 A Greater Body/Space Awareness
    This involves becoming more aware of how you move within space and time. Physically moving with more fluidity as your posture improves, and becoming more aware of your body, moving into areas of pain or discomfort in order to discern the lesson or blockage causing them. Becoming more self-aware.

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Watch this great great video about Spiritual Awakening Symptoms:

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms are an  important indicator for spiritual travelers to evaluate where they stand. It is your personal compass for evolution. Many people have spiritual awakening symptoms but they don’t know that these symptoms are a ‘by product’ for their spiritual ascension or – at least – evolutionary process. SO, don’t ignore these spiritual awakening symptoms. I created a PDF where the most common Spiritual Awakening Symptoms are listed, so this guide comes in handy.

  Click here to download your FREE List of Spiritual Awakening Symptoms


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