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The Power Of Saint Germain And The Violet Flame

The Saint Germain legacy to mankind is the power to realize the changes in this World and to transform humankind in a transmutational way to find meanings of your existence here.

Who IS Saint Germain?

We are all living in an incredible World full of contradictions, conflicts and frustrations and unless we know how to find a balancing way to level our minds to ward off the evil effects of these, we may disappear into the dust of times that has passed since unmemorable centuries.  To achieve all these, the teachings and life of Saint Germain can be taken as the guiding spirit and go on with our lives in the way he showed us to be the better path for our upliftment.

Spiritualism is finding more and more important place in the present day society due to the emptiness of the materialistic search pursued by the World’s population. God has created this World and given us the gift of Life to live it in a particular way. But none of us are following his way of Life. To correct us and to show us what is the right path saviors like Saint Germain come to this World and live as ordinary people among us. The Violet Flame is shown by him as the light of life.  In its glory we have the opportunity to turn inwards and search inside us to find the true meaning of our lives and try to follow the principles of Universal Law to have an enlightened life in this World.

The Violet Flame of transmutation happens to be one of the best spiritual tools we have now. The mental and spiritual energy one gets through it gives you the required power to turn your Body, Mind and Soul towards the Supreme Self, the God Almighty. To further enhance this tremendous power you can add the energy work to make it more powerful. The Violet Flame and its healing powers have been indicated by Saint Germain centuries ago but it has taken so much time for us to realize its real potential. With the powers of this wonderful guiding spirit many millions of people around the World are able to use its beneficial effects to liberate themselves emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The knowledge of the Violet Flame given by the Ascended Master St. Germain is one of the wonderful ways of finding the right ways to live as well as to heal and get relieved from all evil things that are inflicting you in various ways. The light workers inspired by the Saint’s Violet Flame are working in various ways to show the benefits and the transformations that can be brought about by using the same for the benefit of us and those living with us. St. Germain has clearly showed us that the Violet Flame has the ability to transform all the anxiety in our lives into one of peace, hatred against others into Love and fear of life into courage to face the challenges of the day to day lives in a better way.

Watch This Great Advice From Saint Germain Below:

St Germain also showed us how the power of the Violet Flame is the best way to release Karma, enhance the level of beneficial vibrations to have a good effect on your consciousness. By doing these you will be able to speed up the spiritual growth that activates every atom in your body and bring a new life to your DNA. Thus Saint Germain has clearly specified the right ways to use the incredible Violet Flame to self empower yourself and enhance the quality of your life to a higher level you never imagined possible.

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