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Powerful Healing Through a List of Positive Affirmations

Louise Hay in her book ‘Heal Your Life’ is the author that becomes  instrumental on how a list of positive affirmations have changed  many life.

List of positive affirmations

Why a list of positive affirmations can make life better?

Her book has been the source of strength, that reading it while having your quite time, has given exercises that are effective through a powerful list of positive affirmations. Reading this book is useful as the time I spent digesting it  made me understand why it makes life of many people better and lighter.

A list of  positive affirmations are powerful enough to influence my life as well, as there was a time I skipped  the exercises, I noticed the difference.

Louise states that taking a three year old child in a room, at the center of it to humiliate, shout at furiously, disgrace it by saying strong words inflicting pain on the ego, telling it is useless and that it does not deserve to be alive for one day, you will have a devastated child at the end. What do you think is the ideal that will this child live up to or what kind of life will this child lead to?

On the other hand, if you take the child and tell him/her how important he/she is and that his/her life is a blessing, you direct the child’s life towards a  better, loving, respectful environment.

That child is YOU!

Deep inside, we are children and the child you took inside the room and spend most of your time humiliating – that child inside you then will look at life like going through hell literally.

Although applying a list of positive affirmations maybe difficult at first that if your mind is used to negativity, it will fight you back like a brat.

Anyhow just keep doing the list of positive affirmations daily  and eventually you will get the hang of positivity. It is like exercising a part of your body that you train your muscles to be strong that the habit will make it better and better every day.

Start off with a good thought like “I love myself and I am going to be happy today” and continue  it with a list of positive affirmations that you will repeat each time. Well it can be a little hard at first but sooner or later you will notice that the flow of good things come in your way and what you are affirming in front of the mirror every morning in coming to life.

What you say is your truth!

You create your own destiny where you choose what things to do and what to think. If you choose to think positive then you will be doing positive things, and if you are doing everything positive, what will come to you as an outcome are all positive. This is how powerful positive affirmations are.

It will require a little effort from you to cleanse and sweep out all the negative thoughts by the powerful positive affirmation so that positive will come in handy.

A daily Dose and list of Positive Affirmations are healing yourself!!!!

A brilliantly powerful list of positive affirmation for self healing are:

I am open to everything that is good!

Say this with arms wide open and feel the good vibes going in while saying it.

Added things to my favorite list of positive affirmations that I love to do are:

I am open and interested to the wealth of the world!

I trust in the supremacy of the universe to get me my utmost good!

I am commendable of the most excellent in life and I acknowledge it now!

I have all I need!

Every second is a chance for me to grow!

I experience love and joy everywhere I go!

I am all the time inspired!

It is best to say the positive affirmations aloud without inhibitions.

Saying it with conviction makes you feel the real meaning of it and saying it reputedly gives you a concrete sense of confidence. Say it with all your heart because words are powerful enough to come to life.

Say it facing the mirror!

Looking at your own reflection gives you the naked form of truth in yourself that all the negativity will be purified with self love.

This can be true to affirmations like: I love myself, I approve of myself and I accept myself exactly the way I am.

The true power of positive affirmations is the changes these words make in you!

Actually it is not all about the words but how these words bring the good feeling to you. When the powerful feeling is felt you will automatically be the captain of your destiny that you will have the supremacy to direct your life in the way where you want it to be.

You will begin to take every action responsibly and that each time is an opportunity for you to learn and live to the fullest.

Watch this powerful video with a list of powerful affirmations below:

A List of Positive affirmations in a daily basis will change your thought process that will slowly take out the weeds of negativity in your flourishing garden of positive thoughts.

The daily list of powerful positive affirmations makes you affirm that you own that positivity garden which you planted every day with beautiful thoughts giving you happiness and a positive vibe altogether.


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