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What Is Light Body Activation?

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Spiritual Travelers know that the Light Body Activation is a very important part in the ascension process. Many metaphysical interested authors have written about this subject of light body activation and through which stages of development we might pass.

Light Body Activation

How to deal with Light Body Activation:

Everybody who is aware of  the planetary shift knows that the Light Body Activation is now dealing with higher frequencies. So the individual process of Light Body Activation is accelerated as well as the shifting process of the earth and cosmos in general.

So, how to deal with the Light Body Activation process?

I found an interesting 12 level transmutation process which is described here:

Firstly what many are experiencing naturally as the planet undergoes her transformation which is what is termed the ‘Creation of the Lightbody’.

So the next few pages will outline the different stages we may experience as this occurs and how it is manifesting in our own energy fields e.g. bouts of flu, headaches etc.

Secondly as many are enthusiastic and joyous at these changes, I would like to cover practical things that we can consciously do to build and increase the Light quotient in our own bodies.

Tuning ourselves to the higher octaves of Light and changing our vibrational frequency has been explored extensively in previous chapters which I will briefly summarize and then add a few additional techniques to accelerate this process.

Being’s not wishing to be part of this process at this time will choose death by accident, natural disaster or decay and disease.

As mentioned previously, it is foretold that they will continue their cycle of evolution on another planet of frequency comparable to their own – there is no judgment – it is just the changing nature of energy.

According to Ariel, the Lightbody is gradually created through the transmutation of our current physical body as it mutates and absorbs more Light.

Again this is interconnected with the realignment of our energy fields to higher frequencies and higher octaves of Light and the following information describes the actual physical process and common symptoms as this change occurs.

We are all evolving and absorbing Light at our own pace. Some are consciously working with these changes and so their transmutation is quicker, some are unaware and are absorbing this Light and change in direct relation to planetary change.  However, one can classify this creation into levels….

Read more about the 12 level transmutation process here:


Watch this great video on Light Body Activation below:

As far as you have noticed the Light Body Activation is closely related to DNA Activation. There are additional methods which you can also implement which is Merkaba meditation and of course the body – mind – heart alignment.

The Light Body Activation is a complex, but straight  forward process which everybody at some point in evolution has to pass through and the so called 2012 ascension pinnacle is a  great time to join in this process.

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