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Is This World A Holographic Reality?

We as HUMANS believe that the world or the physical reality we see everyday is in a solid state of BEING. We take this for granted – what if this world is a holographic REALITY?

The world is not ‘solid’ as it appears to be, but holographic (illusory ‘solid’).

Our apparently ‘physical’ reality is a decoded projection of waveform information fields – the Metaphysical Universe.

Body – Mind decodes waveform into electrical, digital and holographic reality within a tiny frequency called visible light.

The ‘physical’ (holographic) world only exists when it is ‘observed’ decoded and that includes the human body.

When our reality is not being decoded it only exists only in its waveform state.

We see the world as solid, but that is a holographic illusion decoded from waveform information.


Watch this video that clears that point:

The world is but a dream within a dream.   


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