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The Magic Of Hands On Healing

Hands on healing is one of the benefits we get from a person who has mastered the concepts central to the Reiki system of healing. Though Reiki was introduced to the world in the later part of the 1920’s by Dr.  Mikao Usui it became popular in the present days due to its ability to offer many types of healing to oneself as well as to others.Hands On Healing

What is the benefits of Hands of Healing?

By doing hands on healing you can easily treat yourself as well as others by gently placing your hand on the area in which you want to pass on the healing power.

This hand on healing is becoming popular as it is one of the most economical ways of healing some of the simple as well as more complicated physical and mental problems. This type of treatment is able to give the benefits to the person giving and receiving it. Throughout the history of mankind we can see that the hands on healing methods were practiced in one form or other. This has become one of the ways of giving comfort both to the body and mind. This way of treating the problems and adding the much needed healing has become an integral part of the Reiki concept.

Those who are in Reiki field are able to give the benefits of hands on healing to others in a very natural and easy way. The use of hands as a tool of healing has become very popular form the last century and now this is being used by millions of people around the world.

Some people seem to have more energy to pass on through their hands while doing the hands on healing. The Reiki practitioners of the modern days are specially trained to offer healing of various health and other related problems by this wonderful, easy and economical way of practicing Reiki. A great change occurred with the introduction of Reiki in the 1920s by Dr. Mikao Usui as he introduced the use of   Universal Energy into the realm of hands on healing.

The methods used by the Reiki Masters and practitioners in offering the hands on healing to others are now well established. By offering to give this type of healing to others the person who gives the healing and the ones who are receiving this are benefited in many ways. Thus the use of Reiki in giving the hands on healing offers many advantages. Everybody has the inherent ability to heal themselves through natural processes.  This power is not uniform and active in all the people. Due to this there is a wide variation of the natural healing power that can be easily compensated by using the universal energy through Reiki.

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We can find that some persons have natural healing power in them with that they can heal many problems of others. When these persons learn Reiki and know how to channel the Universal energy in their bodies to others the hands on healing offered by them will be very effective and can offer good solution to various physical and mental problems of others.

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