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4 Astral Projection Techniques For Instant Results

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Astral Projection Techniques which trigger psychic experiences can take you to any place or any time past, present or future but you must employ the right type of astral projection techniques to get the success you want. Fortunately over the years a number of techniques have been introduced by many persons and now you can choose the one that you think will work for you in an easy way.Astral Projection Techniques

Which Astral Projection techniques will work?

You must be careful in selecting the right technique as the ones that work for others may not be good to you as each one of them has a degree of uniqueness and this must match with the personality and other traits you and your subconscious mind are having.

The most important factor that contributes to the success of the astral projection is the degree of relaxation you have to achieve during the astral projection sessions. If your mind is not relaxed you cannot start the astral projection at all. Yet another thing that affects the success of the astral projection even after you have followed the right astral projection techniques is the fear of not able to return to your body after astral projection. Various studies conducted by Institutions like Canterbury Institute has established that there is no place for fear while doing the astral projection and having this type of fear interferes heavily with your ability to astral project.

Some of the astral projection techniques that can be used for getting the best results are as follows:

  • Relax and relax completely – relaxation is the most basic need of an astral projection and you must learn to do it the right way to achieve complete and total relaxation of your mind and body to get success in your efforts to astral project. You have to find and use the right way to relax and deep breathing is one of them. In this method all you have to do is to breathe deeply, in a slow and rhythmic way relaxing each muscle group of your body. This is one of the most basic yet very effective of the astral projection techniques that are giving good results to both the beginners as well as those who are into this for a long time.
  • Go into a hypnotic state – this is another effective way of preparing your mind and body for astral projection. This calms down your mind and body and makes them ready for astral projection in an easy way. For this you can use the gazing method in which you will be staring at an object with intense concentration at the same time relaxing your mind and body. After some time though you have closed your eyes you are able to visualize the object in your mind. Once you are in this state of mind you can consciously introduce certain things like light patterns into the room and make your mind accept the presence of these illusionary things as real.
  • Entering into the vibration mode – the astral projection experience starts with the vibrating phase and once you get into this phase you are ready to leave your physical body for the out of body experiences. You must know how to control your vibrations using the powers of your mind and control the way the waves are acting on your body.
  • Have mind control throughout the astral project phase – mind control is the most important factor that determines the extent and depth of your astral projection. For successful astral travel you must have immense mind control and you can precisely control your mind in such a way that it guides your astral projection session the way you want. This is important to bring down the waves and vibrations in your body at will to complete the astral projection experience and return to your physical body. This is one of the most important of the astral projection techniques you have to master to have unique and wonderful astral projections.

Watch this great video to understand how Astral Projection works:

Astral projection is a unique experience that anybody can practice and once you have mastered the right astral projection techniques it is possible to leave your physical body and travel in time to any part of your life be it present, past or the future.

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