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The Astral Plane: What exactly is it?

What is the Astral Plane? You will get different definitions of the Astral Plane. In its simplest form, the astral plane is simply a level of existence in the inner world just like the physical world. Astral traveling is the ability to  leave your body and traverse the astral worlds around you. When you do this, you enter a specific plane. When this happens, the most known plane that people travel with is the commonly known as the astral plane. It is a name that sums up all the astral planes that people travel with. This plane literally contains several levels  what makes up the space.

The Astral Plane

What exactly does the Astral Plane world looks like, and what can astral travelers do in the astral world? And what kind of beings, both human and others can you encounter?These are some of the questions that people who would like to board the Astral Plane often ask. The answers to these questions vary to a large extent because every traveler does so for different reasons. Even though you may not know exactly where you are destined, the fact of the matter is that you must leave behind your tangible body. When you traverse the space in spirit, you open yourself to a window of experiences that may be beyond human thinking.

Literally speaking, the Astral Plane opens up life experiences beyond human imagination. So, what exactly happens when you leave behind your physical being? As a matter of fact, you can not carry with you a lot of expectations when you enter the plane for the very first time. When you leave your physical body behind, you may expect two things; you may either enter a completely new environment that could be beyond your imagination or find yourself in a familiar environment. The beauty with traveling the Astral Plane is that it allows you to explore the experiences beyond the restrictions of reality. The experiences are totally individualized.

Going on a journey in the Astral Plane is not limited to any specific place or people. The truth of the matter is that you can encounter characters and situations both in the present, past as well as future, since there is no time factor.  On the same breath, you may have the opportunity to meet people and explore places you may not have discovered in your entire existence on Earth. Although entering this new realm could be frightening at first, you will eventually travel comfortably. With each passing time, your knowledge of how to control your destiny and the things you do in the Astral Plane eventually increases over time.

Please watch this amazing video below on what to expect in the Astral Plane & Beyond:

The astral plane is naturally higher or inner in absolute terms of source, than Earth and comprises of human emotions and thoughts. Since the human mind is constantly thinking, the astral world consists of mental debris which may make life there quite challenging and hard for first time visitors. It is also a perfect way of learning. It actually connects the Earth and the higher realms of existence. Just like a contemporary world, the astral world is fashioned in a way that it has institutions, schools and places where people go to work on projects.

How far you can go in the Astral Plane is not restricted. You can always return to your physical being whenever you wish.


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